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Stompin Grounds

Our History

David Johnson, by way of fate, got his hands on four free tickets to a monster truck show and decided that the event was something new and fun that he and his family could enjoy together. Gabe, his twelve year old son, was enamored, and it was only days later that he began working on a sales pitch for his father and older brother, Colby. The pitch? An event center where the family could invite others to host their own monster truck shows. Sold on both the idea and Gabe’s thoughtful enthusiasm, David and Colby built a business model from their youngest family member’s idea and less than a year later, The Stompin’ Grounds was opened right here in Lamar, the family’s hometown.

The Fun You Can Expect

Monster Truck Rallies

Adrenaline-charged entertainment for the whole family! We dare you to try and NOT have fun at this live motorsport event that’s guaranteed to get your heart racing.

Tractor Pulls

They don’t call it “the world’s heaviest motorsport” for no reason. For friends new to the scene, tractor pulls are all about determining who is the best driver and who has the strongest machine.

Professional Bull Riding

Fearless cowboys take on rodeo’s biggest, most exciting challenge yet! Hint: it weighs 2,000 pounds and has big ol’ horns to boot.


We’ll bring the music, you bring your moves.

About the Stompin’ Grounds

With its grand opening the summer of the year 2021, The Stompin’ Grounds is the ideal venue for all things horns, hooves, and horsepower. Primary events include monster truck shows, tractor pulls, PBR bull riding circuits, and concerts. Boasting a 3,500 – 5,000 capacity, The Stompin’ Grounds is also perfect for any and all local events.

For more information or to inquire about renting this event venue, please contact David Johnson at david@thestompingrounds.com or at (417) 682-1514.